Akshat Mittal

My Work


My name is Akshat Mittal and I am a 18 years old web designer and app developer. I am strongly passionate about technology and how things work. I spend most of my free time coding anything I find interesting to build. I like to automate things with scripts, usually websites, with Javascript, PHP and Batch.


Founder and Editor, Virtuaniz

January 2013 - Present

Virtuaniz is a tech-blog based in India. We write on various topics which include technology news, reviews, tips 'n' tricks, information about blogging, SEO, online marketing & more.

Founder and Webmaster, Flare Buzz

June 2015 - Present

From materialism to post modernism; from Amitabh Bachchan dialogues to Barney Stinson pick up lines; from road trips to paroxysm and back. One word, Flare Buzz.

Co-founder and Developer, Inquisto

April 2014 - Present

Inquisto is a speech and input based personal assistant sitting on the web ready for your commands. Currently in Beta stage, every function is preliminary and speech is supported on modern browsers like Chrome only.

Creator/Developer, MySong.ga

December 2013 - July 2014

MySong.ga is one-stop-hit to download any song you want. Just search and click download. It supports Indian Music, English Music and partially World Music. More details on the website.

And there's more coming soon...


Feel free to contact me via email or Facebook, or even tweet to me. I am a freelancer, as of now.